Your local, organic market. 

 Visit us at 944 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria × (805) 684-2115


Pacific Health Foods is located in the heart of Carpinteria. We are dedicated to helping you eat healthy and enjoy better, safer lifestyle choices.


944 Linden Ave
Carpinteria, CA 93103


Mon-Sat: 9am-6:30pm
Sun: Closed

Juice Bar: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm


(805) 684-2115


What We Believe In


For 25 years, Pacific Health Foods has served Santa Barbara County as a family-operated grocer, providing affordable and healthy alternatives to the community. Pacific Health Foods maintains the highest standards in our vendors, featuring trusted brands known for their quality and bioactivity.

Our juice bar is ready to serve you with a menu of old and new favorites, featuring only Non-GMO and 100% organic ingredients. Come, stay, and enjoy lunch with us along historic Linden Avenue.

We are ready to meet the needs of all our customers, equipped with the knowledge to make plenty of helpful suggestions. We carry vegan and paleo products, in addition to all-organic grocery solutions, and homeopathic remedies. Pacific Health Foods is your one-stop shop to a healthy, better life.

"We are the wholesome alternative to Big Organic."


Made Fresh To Order

There are few foods more comforting and satisfying than warm fresh-baked breads. We believe this so whole-heartedly that we have created Carpinteria’s first and only all organic bakery. Our multi-dietary selection of artisanal breads and baked goods are available daily and through customizable large orders.  Let us make your next brunch, beach day or office party bountiful and delicious.

We are proud to carry your favorite brands

Pacific Health Foods is a community-crafted market designed to help you thrive. Buying your groceries from Pacific Health Foods is a rewarding practice that caters directly to you and your family, while benefitting the local economy and our precious natural world.

We carry a wide selection of wellness brands, whole foods and vitamins for all diet specificities. We also stock eco-friendly and cruelty-free household items that leave your home sparkling & chemical-free. 

Discover unique specialty brands and items that only Pacific Health Foods carries - including vegan products, gluten-free items, dairy-free delights, ethically raised hormone-free grass fed beef, locally sourced produce and fresh organic breads from our in-house bakery.

If you do not see the brands or specific wellness products you prefer on our shelves, we will source them for you, at no additional charge.