Frequently Asked Questions


Why Organic?

Making the decision to buy organic ensures that your family will live chemical free all while benefiting from pure organic nutrients and avoiding GMO’s, added drugs or hormones. 


Why Vitamins and Supplements?

Everyone absorbs nutrients differently, vitamins and supplements make up for the lack of nutrients our bodies cannot absorb. Prevention is the best medicine, and we pride ourselves on carrying top quality clean products!


Why choose Pacific Health Foods?

We are a store like no other! A mom and pop shop that goes above and beyond for all of our customers. From assisting you in choosing the right vitamins to making sure your favorite allergy free foods are stocked on the shelves, we are here to help you live a healthy and happy life.


Why are we not open on Sunday!

Simply put, we need a day off. We are hoping in the near future that we will have enough staff members so we can open up for all of our amazing customers 7 days a week! 

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us below! 


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