Blog Intro

Hey guys! I have been struggling with how I would go about introducing our blog. What type of voice would I have? What type of content we would bring to you? Would I fail all of our amazing customers? A little ridiculous I know but these thoughts have been holding me back. So please keep in mind I am not a professional writer but a healthy food lover who will occasionally (if not frequently) make some grammar and spelling mistakes.


Nathan and I are so thankful for all of you guys and how each and everyday our community continues to become healthier all while supporting our little health food store. It is all of you that have made our growth in the last couple of years possible. So what better way to show our appreciation than to give you a behind the scenes look at how we live our lives through food and other wellness tips!


If you have a question about any particular products we carry and want us to do some research for you? Drop us an email. Same thing for recipes, if you have a favorite dish that you need help making healthier… I love a good challenge in the kitchen :) 




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