Summer Must Have!

Sea & Summit Organic Sunscreen


Can you believe summer is already here? I can’t, time sure has been flying by!

I wanted to share with you guys what my #1 summer must have is. Sea & Summit’s organic sunscreen, which is also my favorite all year around daily moisturizer! If you’re wondering why I like it so much, here are a few reasons;

  • A little goes along way
  • It rubs in well without leaving you with a white face
  • Leaves you feeling moisturized without feeling greasy
  • Sea & Summit is a great local company
  • It is all organic with only 7 ingredients…that you can pronounce!!!

I was able to sit down with Ryan (the founder / owner of S&S) recently to ask him three very important (in my opinion) questions about Sea & Summit.

What made you decide to start your own organic sunscreen line?

There are a host of reasons I started this company. 

One being my belief that if you wouldn't put it in your body, why would you put it on your body? Working outdoor jobs in the sun for 8 hours plus a day, I want to know the cumulative effect of what I'm using is healthy, not altering my hormones or contributing to some sort of cancer because of the chemicals in it. More so I want to feel good that I'm not contributing to killing our oceans like most chemical sunscreens do. 

A second is that all the natural sunscreens I could afford to buy on a outdoor seasonal job paycheck, didn't work. I would put so much on I looked like I had painted my face white for a day of lifeguarding or guiding at the Channel Islands and I'd still get burned. Being a ginger doesn't help. 

A third is I am really looking to be a part of something bigger than myself, environmentally and socially, and Sea & Summit has become that vehicle. 

What is your main goal in this industry?

My goal in this industry is to change Its transparency, or lack there of. People want to know where their ingredients are coming from and that they are being produced in an environmentally and socially just way. All kinds of companies use words like "sustainable" and "fair trade" and have no idea about their ingredients and more so, their supply chain. They just pick from a list. Don't get me wrong, that's a step in the right direction. But people want a more personal experience with no effort.  I want to eventually be visiting all my farms in various countries and making films about the communities who make Sea & Summit possible. I want to give the public complete transparency within the supply chain and quality skincare. Being a small fish doesn't make this easy. No one wants to give up this information to small companies.

What do you feel is the best way to help families when it comes to educating their children on sun safety / organic skincare?

I think the best way to educate families is to relate it to their own personal interests. Whether it be kids, grandparents, or friends, there are different reasons to go organic and natural for everyone. I don't push my beliefs on people who don't want to hear it, but most I feel are open to hearing how they can make a small decision with a big impact on their body, the environment, and not on their wallet. 


Ryan is absolutely right! It is extremely important to me to know where different ingredients are coming from and where/how they're being sourced. His beliefs and standards are what set Sea & Summit apart from the other companies out there in this industry! I know you will not be disappointed with the superior quality and feel of his organic sunscreen.


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